The Story

Steve & Jenn Friedland are the founders and inventors of the Sana bar. They have spent most of the last 20 years moving around the country pursuing their respective careers and participating in the rat race we call the American Dream. In 2004 they moved to Charlotte, NC to pursue career opportunities there before moving to Los Angeles, CA in 2008 for Jenn to attend Law School. After she graduated they spent a year in Austin, TX in 2011 before returning to Charlotte in 2012. Shortly after their return to the sunny south, Jenn was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. After several rounds of Chemo and Surgery, she beat the cancer and for a while things settled down. In 2016 Steve was diagnosed with MS and once again they were plunged into the complicated world of Doctors and Drugs. In the summer of 2018 after almost 2 years of taking over priced MS medications, Steve decided that healthy eating and natural supplements were a better answer. After just a few months he noticed a reduction in all of his symptoms as a result of clean eating and natural supplements. Around this time Steve & Jenn started to eat and experiment with more "Health Bars" and were sickened by the fact that they always seemed to include ingredients like brown rice syrup and other artificial additives. Steve had the idea of putting a smoothie or a salad into a bar and they spent the next 14 months experimenting and developing that idea. In the end, they created a bar that tastes amazing while having the highest density of nutrients and vegetables of any bar on the market: The Sana Bar was born.