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Nutrition is everything

I realized this fact after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For nearly 10 years I suffered with moderate to severe cognitive and physical symptoms, including foggy memory, low energy and extreme tiredness, gastrointestinal issues, and vision disturbances. I met with many, many doctors who ultimately could not uncover what was wrong with me. They ran countless tests, and it was not until my extreme hand and feet numbness and tingling, that I was finally sent for an MRI which confirmed an MS diagnosis. For the first year, I relied on medications and only had minor improvements. It was not until I hit rock bottom, barely able to get out of bed, that I started intensive research about the connection between nutrition and MS. The key principles are low inflammatory foods, no gluten, and lots of vegetables. Within two months of changing my diet, my life was rewound 10 years to when I felt at my peak and suffered no symptoms.

Sana Bars

I am now functioning at a consistently high level. However, the problem is maintaining a good diet while being on the road so often. Getting a good source of vegetables and nutritional content can be nearly impossible. I searched high and low, near and far, for a bar that contains the proper nutrients that my body needed and found none. The bars always seemed to have the same ingredients - brown rice syrup, oats, and date paste. These ingredients are great for a cookie, but not as a fundamental nutritional source.

Hence, Sana Bars were born. Sana Bars are packed rich in fundamental ingredients. Each item is hand-picked for its high nutritional value. We took years to develop techniques to cram a rainbow of vegetables into each bar. We also included healthy sources of protein and fats by packing nearly 16 full nuts in each bar. Other ingredients, like our rich, dark chocolate, are sourced from the finest purveyors for a quality taste unlike any other.

Our goal is to be a disrupter to the market. A great business man once said “Stop the madness”. We want to add true nutrition to your diet, not just another cookie disguised as a bar.

Sana Bars


We set out to create the healthiest bar on the market

As a guy who has always considered being active as a way of life, not a hobby, eating well has always been essential to me. Due to my high metabolism and inability to stay stationary for more than a few minutes at a time, fueling my body well is imperative. Having grown up in Turkey, Mediterranean style eating isn’t just the latest diet, it’s just the norm. My meals have always consisted of an abundance of vegetables, healthy fats and proteins. Having moved to the USA as an adult, due to work logistics, meals on the fly are an unfortunately unavoidable for many of us. With the emergence of protein bars into the mainstream market, quick healthier eating options became possible, but let’s face it, so many of them out there are far from something you look forward to eating - especially if you don’t have a big drink to wash it down.

As a close friend of Steve’s, when he came to me with his frustration in finding a healthy bar, I agreed that something better was totally possible. I quickly became the champion taste tester I was always meant to be and we set out to produce the healthiest bar on the market that actually tastes great!

Sana Bars

As a Certified Performance Tennis Coach, I know to develop a high fitness level and play competitive sports, nutrition is foundation. Working with kids and young adults, I can’t stress enough to them that eating right gives them the energy they need and allows them to sleep well. Sleep is when your body repairs itself so you are ready to bring it all again the next day. Eating multiple small meals a day, especially during sports, like tennis is a necessary component. The bar we have created is more fueling for your body than a regular protein bar. There is more than 1 cup of vegetables in each bar, plus so many other benefits. For me, to help create a protein bar that could potentially give kids the nutrients they need, while still packing an amazing taste, is any parents dream. Not to mention, being part of creating a protein bar that tastes like dessert, but is so healthy, combines my two favorites great tasting food and good health!

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